Monday, February 13, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

This article discusses the increase in flower sales on Valentine's Day, which is obvious. The article goes on to discuss the convenience that has developed with online sales. While economic stability is fairly poor at this time, it is comforting that each holiday brings with it some kind of profit for retailers. For example, the Superbowl brings beer and snack food sales, Halloween brings candy sales, and Christmas is obvious. While American's do not have a favorable economy right now, they haven't quite learned not to indulge when the moments strike. People may be tight on money, but a holiday is a holiday. Besides people spending money themselves on holidays, countless organizations work to help people during holidays to still have more than needs. Whether you're buying goods for yourself or getting it from someone, the economy still experiences a slight boom. Retailers should use these holidays as an advantage to fuel their stability.


Smith said...

I think Americans indulge on these days because it's a form of entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, I would be curious to see the movie revenue changes before and during the 2008 recession.

Brittany said...

As unecessary as this holiday is, it is still fun to buy a card or make something special for that special someone while keeping the economy going. It is a good boost for the economy although, it is obvious people are being more frugile with their money compared to previous years. Sales have gone down the past couple years but it is still a time that keeps people spending money and our economy going.