Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Are We Stealing Jobs?

In this article, they are talking about how a department store moved from Iowa City to the one next to it, Coralville. Moving this department store doesn't change much for the good. The location might change, but not many new jobs are created. Mostly jobs are just switched from one person to the next because of the change in location. Also more money is being spent on moving the department store, then the department store seemed to be making at that point in time. The Sycamore Mall is losing one of the department stores that makes money in their area. This devastates not only the mall, but the people working at the mall. Von Maur was bringing in some type of business into the mall, but now that is taken away causing less people to shop there, which causes more people to lose their jobs. Cities stealing from one another does not help the economy right now. We need to be creating new jobs, not stealing old jobs from other people who live in our area. This competition between cities to see who gets what store just causes more money to be spent and no one getting any new jobs. Also the stores won't make as much money as they are hoping for because they have to shut down business, so they can move the store front. It is predicted that not all of the money lost will be recovered from moving the department store.


kern said...

Why would a business move locations if it would not increase profits?

What do you think the business sees as the benefit to the relocation?

michael.parleto said...

If a business moved to an area where they would get more customers, it would definitely be a good move. They would lose money in the short term, but make it all back and more in the long term. It may hurt the economy in one area, but it will help in another. If there you could move your business to an area where you would be making more money, why wouldn't you move? That isn't "stealing", that's good business.