Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are Super Bowl Commercials Worth the Money?

Every year during the Super Bowl, I would watch the commercials to see which one's were my favorites. This year just happened to be the Oikos yogurt commercial featuring John Stamos. In this article, they ranked the top 5 and the worst 5 commercial on this year's Super Bowl. This year, it cost about $3.5 million for 30 seconds of commercial time. This seems like a large amount of money for thirty seconds of air time, but to the companies, the money is worth it, if their commercial is memorable and makes people want to go and buy their product. This year though, there wasn't any truely memorable commercial like the classic Coke commercial with Mean Joe Green, so why did these companies spend so much money on a commercial that will flop? In this graph, it shows how much these commercials cost since 1967. The prices for the commercials are getting more expensive meaning that the companies need original ideas that will last a life time. To start this they need to figure out what product they are going to try to sell, who their targeted audience is, and how they are going to get the attention of this audience during the Super Bowl. This year's GoDaddy's commercials were focusing on exploiting sex to get the attention of males, which is a good idea, but not everyone who watches the Super Bowl will want to buy that product based on the commercial. Some companies go for the humor aspect like in the Doritoes commercials. Humor is more likely to affect a wider audience and they're product will most likely sell better than the GoDaddy's will. The decisions these companies make are based on what they feel is the best choice to get their product to sell and how to get the money back for buying the air time.


Scott said...

This reminds me of that little survey we did in Stats the other day. Mrs. Knott described 5 commercials and we had to try and remember which company produced that commercial. There was only one person out of 20 of us in class that could guess at least 3 out of the 5. Few people guessed 2 right, and everyone else only got 1 or none of them right. The commercials do a great job at appealing to people with humor and puns but thats the only thing I ever remember. I don't even know which car the fat dog wanted to chase, or the car Jerry Seinfield was trying to bribe out of that guy. So is it really worth the $3.5 million if no one is going to remember what the commercial was for? It's a business decision that some companies often risk. I don't really think anyone went out the next day to buy Oikos yogurt or do there taxes on (I don't even know if thats the right website... see what I mean?).

Lindsay said...

I remember that day in stats. I feel like the companies are just wasting money because people remember the humor, but not the product like Scott said. You would think if people did a survey like this the companies would stop paying so much for the commercials. I guess those companies just want to spend money on making people laugh hoping that they will go buy their product.