Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Need For More People

In this article, they are saying that if we add more people into the United States that it will help boost the economy above other countries like China. If the United States wants to retain economic power, Charles Kenny said that we must make or import more people into the United States. If we import these people, not only do we gain people, but other countries lose these people making our gain even better. Importing people not only helps our economy, but it saves money because we won't have to raise a child. Children cost a lot of money, so the less the children, the more money we will have in the economy. Kenny believes that we need to quicken our per capita gross domestic product over China's if we want to have any economic power. When first reading this article, I was confused because I thought that the more people, the less jobs there are. Which I thought would weaken our economy even more than it is now. The more people there are in the country, would mean that there is more money circulating in the economy. This would definitely help ourselves get out of the recession and into recovery.


Aditya said...

How is it feasible and ethical to import people from other countries? I understand that many people move to the United States because of the opportunities available, but actually attempting to take people from other countries may not be the best thing to do. Also, thre seems to be too much of a divide between countries. Ratrher than try to beat out ther countries, countries should work together and try to imrpove the global economy.

D.McKee said...

I understand where Kenny was coming from, but there is a moral problem with importing people for economic reasons. First of all, do they even want to come to the United States? Maybe, instead of importing people here, we could lessen restrictions on having people become citizens. Then, we could have more money circulating in the economy, while also keeping our morality in check. However, people that are coming to America would further increase competetion for jobs, which might be counter productive. Honestly, I do not think that this question can be answered perfectly. There are drawbacks to both methods. Morally, I cannot suppot bringing people to the United States for economic benefit, but maybe it would help the economy.

Katherine said...

The United States is already on the verge of overpopulation. If we import people, couldn't that have negative effects too? While there is also emmigration going on, it seems that immigration to the U.S. is still as popular as ever--especially for people in less developed countries. You say if there is more people there is more money in circulation. Could that make our problem worse or even leave it? No matter how many people there are, everyone will still need money, so I am still confused on how population size can fix our economy.

Amber said...

Kenny's perspective is very, very unique and unlike anything I've heard. However, I believe there are A LOT of flaws with his plan. I really like this blog post because it can spark educated debates from everyone else's differing views on Kenny's plan. I had your same mindset when I started reading. You say that it will bring in more money but how will it bring in more money when they are jobless here in the United States? Those people he wants to "import" have money only because they are stable and working in the country they are in. The United States cannot possibly provide for all these additional people no matter how hard we try.

Darcy said...

I agree with everyone here. This economic theory is very unique, I believe Kenny is looking at our economic state with a different perspective, which I applaud. As there are obvious complications with the idea of "bringing people in" to America. Like Katherine said, America is already overpopulated, and is the last place on earth that needs more people. America consumes unhealthy amounts of resources per person, already making our presence on the earth a very unhealthy one.

In regards to our economy, however, it makes sense to have "more people". Obviously, more money in circulation would be beneficial. However, this would mean the government would most likely have to raise taxes so as to provide services for these people.

Also, there is the problem that we simply do not have enough jobs for people.

The real solution to this, is to get more foreign money into our markets, without bringing in foreigners.