Thursday, February 9, 2012

App Economy

This article discusses the nearly 500,000 jobs created in the US alone from app development. But how profitable and stable are these jobs? An app has to make into the top 100 list in the online store before they start making any real money. That's a pretty slim chance when you look at the thousands and thousands of new apps every day, most of which nobody buys. Besides, how many different apps do you even use on a daily basis? Only a handful most likely. There is nowhere near 500,000 people needed to make the apps people actually use, most of those 500,000 people just put out shovelware crap, hoping to get lucky. It's like saying that playing the lottery is your job. In 5 years, I bet 90% of these jobs won't even exist any more. Apps will still be around then, but they won't be the fad they are today. They will just be another tool that people take for granted.

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Katherine said...

This is interesting, I did a post last week about the "Iphone Revolution". I feel like they are similar in how they are affecting the economy and our population. You say an app may be taken for granted in the future. I can see where your coming from, but could apps become more powerful instead? People these days are becoming more materialistic and superficial, the advancing technology is all the drive many people have. I feel that apps may come to have more control over society than is healthy.