Monday, March 5, 2012

The Benefits Outweigh the Sacrifice

This article explains the boomtown effects of specific jobs in certain parts of the country. The town of Williston, North Dakota has experienced significant increase in population due to the oil industry, and this is sure to boost it's economy. These wireline operators sacrifice time from their families and perhaps dangers of the operation for a hefty paycheck of up to $300,000 or even more. Whether the price is worth it or not, this job must be done with the growing industries of the world. The unique aspect of this operation is that college experience is not even needed to operate the wireline. However, common sense and skill are crucial. This can be rough work, and the pay shows that the benefits are worth the sacrifices. A reason this article is so important is that is relates to so many other aspects of our nation's recovering economy. Each region of our nation has it own resource to offer and once it is determined, it may be able to thrive again and contribute significantly to the road to recovery.

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